About Us

Ezra Coffee was founded in 2021, to create a unique coffee experience for every coffee enthusiast: from the novice sipper to the most experienced drinker. We like to think of ourselves as the perfect blend of culture + coffee. Ezra Coffee offers specialty and ethically sourced coffees infused with rich, bold flavors and rooted in a shared history that unites us all. Our specialty coffee blends preserve the nostalgia of community coffee shops where shared knowledge, fellowship, and warmth go hand-in-hand. Our blends tell a story. From our carefully curated selection of flavors to our packaging decorated with Ghanaian Andrinka symbols and inspiring inscriptions, Ezra Coffee is our love letter to coffee lovers everywhere.

In addition, we know that 68% of the population is lactose intolerant, which makes consuming milk-based creamers not an easy feat. Our flavored blends were created so that those who enjoy flavored coffee can enjoy it without milk-based creamers with flavors curated to represent the African American diaspora.

Ezra in Hebrew means “he who helps” and this serves as the essence of who we are. Our commitment to community and people allows us to support students pursuing four-year degrees through bi-annual scholarships.

From the very beginning, we set out to make Ezra Coffee a different kind of company, one that connects people, celebrates inclusion, supports education and community, and honors history.


Our Packaging Design Story

Our Founder

Ezra Coffee Co. was founded by Jessica Taylor. A long-time coffee aficionado who first fell in love with coffee at the young age 9 while visiting her grandparents in Arkansas, Jessica eventually began roasting coffee in her home using a cast iron skillet and creating her own signature flavors by infusing coffee beans with syrups, liquors, caramel, and spices.  

A former educator and self-proclaimed “history buff,” Ezra Coffee Co. is the result of Jessica’s passion for storytelling combined with her unapologetic love of Black culture and coffee.  

“My goal with Ezra Coffee Co. is to always highlight the stories, legacies and experiences of African-Americans who have contributed to our collective American history,” she said. “With each cup of bold and flavorful coffee, Ezra informs, empowers and inspires coffee connoisseurs and novices everywhere.”

Our Core Values

Our core values are our guiding light. They shape who we are and whose we are, determine the suppliers we source from, define the products we carry, inform our decisions, and help us to bring you the best coffee possible. 

Our commitment to education is reflected in our blend names, the Ghanaian Andrinka symbology, and our packaging narratives. With every pour, we strive to educate audiences about the interconnectedness of Black history and American history, sharing this rich culture with coffee lovers through unique, speciality roasts and blends.

We believe in the motto “do right and right will follow.” Therefore, we only source our beans from farms that have committed to ensuring high quality coffee, and fair and respectable compensation to workers.

To be of service:
Ezra in Hebrew means “he who helps” and that is what we do — “be of service to others.” We donate a portion of our proceeds to assist students pursuing four year degrees.