• King Malcolm

    King Malcolm is a medium roast that offers a familiar smoothness reminiscent of Dr. King's oratorical eloquence, alongside an invigorating zest comparable to Brother Malcolm's passion and pride. Our signature house blend excites your palate by infusing notes of grapefruit, citrus and caramel. This smooth and balanced blend reminds us that our differences are often what make us impactful.

  • 64th & Tulsa

    64th & Tulsa is a medium dark roast that honors the significance of Black Wall Street in the Greenwood District of Tulsa and the Presidential signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. These times and places represent freedom and opportunity despite the murk of persecution. The flavors of 64th & Tulsa celebrate the harmony and spirit of the diaspora at its best. The aroma of this full blend saturates your senses by infusing Ethiopian and Sumatran roasts steeped in herbal notes, balanced acidity and a gutsy richness. Each sip revitalizes your consciousness, preparing you to persevere and build your tomorrow.

  • Lorde Baldwin

    Lorde Baldwin is a dark roast honoring the literary prowess that two iconic activists displayed during their fight to combat social inequity. This full-bodied blend is symbolic of Audre and James’ unapologetic quest for justice regardless of the "ism." With expressive notes of dark chocolate, cherry, and aromatic herbs, Lorde Baldwin is a Kenyan AA based blend with sparkling acidity and intense citric flavor. Much like its namesakes, this blend is bold, powerful and guaranteed to lead to an awakening.

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  • Candied Yams

     Candied Yams is for the culture. For those who transformed humble ingredients into staple traditions. For those who put aside the challenges of the everyday to make time for love and celebration. From West Africa to Tuskegee, Alabama this seasonal blend of light roast coffee infuses the sweet taste of the classic southern dish. Prepare a creamy cup of comfort, love, and southern tradition.

  • Le Grand Duc 1928

    Le Grand Duc 1928 is a decadent, spirit-infused blend that is perfect for the sophisticated palate. Its name pays homage to Eugene Bullard, the first black combat pilot and owner of Le Grand Duc, a famous Parisian nightclub. At this popular jazz club, Bullard introduced cognac to his talented patrons and friends: Louis Armstrong, Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, and more. With his entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for the finer things, we can thank Bullard for inspiring the love of the flavors you’ll enjoy in this blend. Its rich flavor and oak aroma primes your senses for the task ahead, making for the perfect slow-sipping brew.

  • Toasted Southern Pecan

     Toasted Southern Pecan is a rich light roast with a buttery nut taste, and a forestry aroma. The pecan was first domesticated in St. James Parrish, Louisiana around 1846 by Antoine, an enslaved horticulturist. Like Antoine who discovered how to propagate the pecan tree, the flavors of this blend should not be underestimated. Toasted Southern Pecan honors his achievement by blending Mexican coffee with natural pecan flavors that are as savory as the famous pecans we love today.