Our Founder

Grounded in a love for coffee and a desire to help others, Ezra Coffee's self-made CEO, Jessica, perfected her roasting process to create rich, flavorful coffee blends that can be enjoyed by everyone and that don't need any help from a milk-based creamer.

A former educator and Diversity & Inclusion strategist, Jessica incorporates her passion for storytelling and the celebration of Black culture into Ezra’s packaging. Each blend name highlights significant events and individuals in our collective American history. Jessica’s commitment to education extends beyond the bag as Ezra donates a portion of its proceeds to provide scholarships to students pursuing four-year degrees.

  • Educate

    Our commitment to education is reflected in our blend names, the Ghanaian Adinkra symbology, and our packaging narratives. With every pour, we strive to educate audiences about the interconnectedness of Black history and American history.

  • Ethically-Sourced

    We believe in the motto “do right and right will follow.” Therefore, we only source our beans from farms that have committed to ensuring high quality coffee, and fair and respectable compensation to workers.

  • Empower

    Ezra in Hebrew means “he who helps” and that is what we do — “be of service to others.” Our commitment to community enables us to support students pursuing four-year degrees through our Ezra Scholars' scholarship fund. We donate a portion of our proceeds to assist students pursuing four-year degrees. 

  • Inclusion

    At Ezra Coffee, we know that 64% of the population suffers from lactose-intolerance with black and brown communites being the most affected. With stats like these, we wanted to ensure that everyone can enjoy rich, delicious, and flavorful coffee without the need for milk-based creamers.

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