3 MUST TRY Coffee Recipes for Easter!!

3 MUST TRY Coffee Recipes for Easter!!

Easter is fast approaching and we all know what that means: it's time for egg hunts, celebration with family and friends, an abundance of food, moments of levity, reflecting, and a refreshing sense of renewal! Oh, and treats-- lots of delicious, tempting treats.

With Ezra Coffee's specialty blends, you can create delicious, tempting treats that will give you a burst of flavor and a boost of energy to plan and execute for the holiday ahead, helping you make the most out of Easter and springtime renewal.

Here are three tasty coffee recipes that will invigorate your palate and leave you feeling refreshed! Just in time for the egg hunt! ;)


#1 Here I Yam!

Bag of Candied Yams Blend by Ezra Coffee Co. amidst decorative palm fronds, sliced yams, and coffee beans.

Nothing says family holidays like the classic, Southern sweet potato dish. Who says we can't turn this root veggie into a delicious caffeinated dream? It's still healthy, right? At least our coffee is organic!

Ingredients (for 1 serving)

1. Candied Yams blend (hot*)

2. Cinnamon Simple Syrup 

3. Mini marshmallows

4. Milk of choice  *** optional ***


1. Brew coffee

2. Add cinnamon simple syrup (for desired sweetness)

3. Add optional choice of milk

4. Top with desired amount of mini marshmallows

*To enjoy this as a cold drink, make a batch of cold brew and let it refrigerate overnight.


#2 Espresso Easter Egg

Two chocolate easter eggs filling up with freshly brewed espresso.

Photo courtesy of eater.com

This handy-dandy Easter treat is so simple to make, but it packs a powerful caffeine punch! The espresso, combined with sugar from the chocolate, is sure to give you a jolt of energy.

Ingredients (for 1 serving)

1. Shot of Espresso (64th & Tulsa, King Malcolm, and Lorde Baldwin can all be purchased as espresso grounds)

2. 1 Chocolate Easter Egg


1. Cut top off of chocolate easter egg and place in coffee cup

2. Prepare shot of espresso and pour into easter egg

3. Enjoy as the chocolate egg melts and turns into an espresso-mocha heaven!


#3 Peep the Cognac

Yellow peep floating in a cup of coffee amidst a decorative array of greenery on a white ceramic plate.
Photo courtesy of garciamedialife.com

This tasty caffeinated treat is the perfect pick-me-up. It combines our cognac-infused Le Grand Duc 1928 flavored blend with rich chocolate and your favorite Easter birdie.

Ingredients (for 1 serving)

1. Le Grand Duc 1928 blend (hot*)

2. Chocolate Simple Syrup

3. Marshmallow Peep

4. Milk of choice *** optional ***


1. Brew 1 cup of Le Grand Duc

2. Add chocolate simple syrup (to your personal preference)

3. Add optional choice of milk

4. Top with marshmallow peep

And if you're looking for an adult version to really get into the holiday spirit, you can always top this off with another shot of your favorite cognac!

*To enjoy this as a cold drink, make a batch of cold brew and let it refrigerate overnight.


Whichever recipe you try, please let us know how you liked it! And if you create your own specialty recipe, we are all ears (just like the Easter bunny)!

And to make trying these recipes a little easier, use code YAMS for 20% off our Candied Yams blend now through 4/17!

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, we wish you a wonderful weekend full of springtime celebration and delicious coffee recipes. 

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Hi, These delightful coffee recipes are really making me buzz still! Great tips for all coffee addicts (like me). I love to read every blog related to coffee. So, your ideas are very creative and useful. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Cynthia Crawley

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