How to French Press: 9 Steps to the Best Brew with Ezra Coffee

How to French Press: 9 Easy Steps for the Best Brew

It doesn't have to be hard to make a heavenly cup of coffee.



There are so many ways to brew a cup of coffee: drip, pour-over, cold brew, Keurig's, an old-fashioned Mr. Coffee, and the luxurious French Press.

This glass & metal contraption can seem intimidating to novice coffee sippers, but we're here to help you brew your perfect French Press cup with these 9 easy steps.

Or follow along step-by-step with Ezra's founder & CEO, Jessica Taylor, in this IGTV tutorial.

Step 1: Gather ingredients and supplies

Luckily, preparing your French Press is simple and only require minimal ingredients and supplies. All the better for a busy morning!

All you'll need is:

  • Your French Press
  • Your Ezra Coffee
  • Water
  • Measuring tool

Step 2: Boil your water

metal teakettle boiling water & whistling

Boil your water, whether that's with an electric kettle, on the stove in a pot, a teakettle, or even in the microwave (no judgement). The ideal temperature of water for French Press is around 195°F or just below boiling.

Once you boil your water, let it sit for a minute before pouring into your French Press.

Step 3: Prepare your press

Ensure that your French Press is clean!

If it's looking a little dusty, go ahead and add some lukewarm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap into your Press. Pump the plunger to help create suds that will effectively clean and remove any residual oils or grounds. Pour our the soapy water, rinse with fresh water, and repeat until all suds and dirt are down the drain. Pat dry.

You can also sub out the soap for baking soda!

Take the top of your French Press and remove it, placing it to the side for now.

Step 4: Add your grinds

The suggested ratio of coffee to water is 2 tablespoons to every 6 oz of water.

This is just a suggestion, as everyone's personal preferences are different. The less grounds you use, the lighter your coffee will be. The more grounds you use, the darker your coffee will be. It's all up to you and your palate!

Take your measuring spoon and add 2 tablespoons (per serving) of your Ezra French Press grounds to the bottom of your French Press.

Step 5: Pour your water

Once your water has boiled and sat for a minute, pour 6 oz (per serving) over your Ezra grounds.

Step 6: Close it Up

Take your French Press plunger and carefully reinsert it to seal the coffee, water, & steam.

Ensure that the vent of your French Press top is not facing the opening spout so that all of the steam stays trapped in the French Press.

Push the plunger until you hit just above the water and ground coffee. Do not plunge to the bottom yet.

Step 7: Steep 3-4 minutes

Allow your coffee to steep (sit) for 3-4 minutes to get the most out of your bold, rich drink!

Step 8: Push the plunge!!

With steady pressure, push the plunge all the way down to get the purest form of coffee.

Turn the top piece to allow your vent to face the spout and release the steam.

Step 9: Tip me over & pour me out

It's time to reap the reward of your work. You've earned this French Press!

Pour desired amount into your cup. Drink it all or save some for an iced coffee later on by refrigerating your French Press.

Fixin' & Mixin'

Add any additional flavors, creamers, sweeteners if you choose. This is your cup! Make it your own.

For those who are lactose-intolerant or have other allergies: Ezra has flavored blends so there's no need to add anything to achieve a rich, bold, and delicious cup of coffee. It's ready as is!

Enjoy & Empower!

finalized French Press made with Ezra Coffee's Toasted Southern Pecan flavored blend

Your cup is ready and so are you! Your coffee is pressed, hot, and ready to help you conquer your day with your cup of Ezra. Find your perfect blend to get your day started the right way, every day, the Ezra way.


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