Resurrection Brews: Did you give up coffee for Lent?

Resurrection Brews: Did you give up coffee for Lent?

As Easter approaches, many are making Easter baskets, dying eggs, preparing for Sunday service and time with their loved ones. While this holiday brings joy and signifies changes in the seasons, it also marks the ending of Lent, a season of reflection and sacrifice. 


During this time, many people give up indulgences such as coffee, as a sacrifice to refocus and center themselves in efforts to strengthen their faith and discipline. As Lent concludes and Easter dawns, it's the perfect time to reintroduce the simple joys, like a delicious cup of coffee, back into your routine.


At Ezra Coffee, we understand the significance of reflection and sacrifice and the joy that comes with reuniting with beloved traditions. For those who gave up coffee for Lent, we welcome you back with open arms and freshly roasted beans. There's something special about that first sip of coffee after a period of abstaining—it's like rediscovering an old friend. 


Here are a few ways to reintroduce coffee into your daily routine:


  1. Welcome back! Start with your favorite coffee drink/brew in a half dose. (ex. Instead of a 12oz, start with a 6oz)
  2. Enjoy your coffee with a meal, and lots of water. 
  3. Are syrups, sugars and flavoring your jam? Reintroduce these sparingly. Heck, have you ever considered if you still need them?
  4. Reintroduce coffee into your routine in moderation, let's start with one cup a day. 
  5. Journal! It has been over 40 days since you have enjoyed your favorite brew, and that is a huge feat. Journaling this experience can not only be cathartic but reflective. 

So as you savor that first cup of coffee after your Lenten journey, take a moment to appreciate the ritual and significance it holds for you. Whether it's a simple morning pick-me-up or a time for reflection and gratitude, let's toast to new beginnings, cherished traditions, and new brews. Happy Easter from all of us at Ezra Coffee!

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